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Where SaaS Founders Come To Achieve Their Perfect Exit

The Old Way to Scale a SaaS Company

Stressful, Slow, Painful

The old way of scaling a SaaS drains Founder passion and kills energy. It includes:

• Getting spread too thinly and doing everything themselves instead of growing their business

• Waking up in the morning with hundreds of tasks and not sure which one to do next

• Staying up until midnight scheduling demos

• Spending most of their time on things that drain their energy instead of focusing on what they’re good at

•Hitting a growth plateau and not knowing where their next customer is going to come from

There's a better way.

To scale and achieve your Perfect Exit, you need three key elements:

  • A custom Plan

  • The right tools

  • The right support

Using Dan Martell's first-hand experience growing and exiting 3 SaaS companies...

And working closely with 800 SaaS Founders for almost a decade...

We've developed the most effective system for building and scaling a Software business. We call it the
SaaS Growth OS™.

It has allowed B2B Founders all over the world to:

  • Do more of what they love

  • Stop disappointing customers because they grew too fast

  • Hire people who are excited to grow their company and stay with you longer than a few months

  • Be comfortable in their business as it scales and grows

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Trusted by Over 800+ Ambitious SaaS Founders

Trusted by Over 800+ Ambitious SaaS Founders

The Secret to Scaling a SaaS and Achieving the Perfect Exit:

Just like the three legs on a stool, the three Pillars of the SaaS Academy OS™ are essential to build and scale a SaaS:

Growth Accelerator is for B2B SaaS founders who want to increase their speed and trajectory while decreasing the risk of their growth.

Get a Custom Growth Plan Designed for Your Business

The clarity you need to ensure you’re always focused on the highest leverage opportunities in your business and driving growth.

• Yearly Strategic Game Plan Sessions to establish your KPIs

• Bi-weekly meetings to help you execute your plan and measure progress via the Growth KPIs System

•Clarity Coaching Calls to get feedback and coaching on your execution

Everything You Need to Implement Your Growth Plan

Get access to over 500+ easy-to-implement, data-proven Growth Playbooks created by Dan and hundreds of other successful founders.

• Templates, Blueprints, and Scripts to fast-track execution by providing pre-built materials

• Perks and discounts from market-leading vendors to save you time and money procuring the tools and services you need to run your business

The Accountability to Make Sure You Get Things Done

Create the courage required to pursue fast growth by supporting founders with a curated community, dedicated success managers, and inspiring live events and experiences.

• Dedicated Success Manager to ensure you have a single point of contact any time you lack the clarity or confidence to execute with certainty.

• Founder community with hundreds of successful B2B SaaS founders to ensure you can tap into a like-minded community to get feedback and support on your toughest questions.

Inspiring Events, three times annually, to help you build connections with other founders, inform you about the latest strategies that are working in the market and inspire you to pursue greatness.

Get a FREE Action Plan Customized for your SaaS

A SaaS Scale Specialist will review your SaaS on the call, then map out a 3-step action plan to get you moving and growing faster.

You’ll walk away feeling clear, focused and confident about taking your business to the next level.

834 SaaS Founders and Counting...

SaaS Academy Program


@ Seabrook

"I did an MBA, I went to business school part-time and I thought that was going to give me what SaaS Academy gives me."

SaaS Academy Program


@ Event Hawk

"Your business is not as special as you think. If you can identify your one problem or set of problems, bring it to these guys. They've done it over and over and over."

SaaS Academy Program


@ EZ Process Pro

SaaS Academy brought us out of our comfort zone, but also brought our company the next level. So we went from about $500,000 in ARR to a little over a $1M ARR in about seven or eight months.

SaaS Academy Program


@ FieldInsight

"We hit $84K MRR in Australian. So that was a real milestone for us. And we grew 50% in six months."

SaaS Academy Program

Paul & Wayne

@ AutomatePro

"Since joining SaaS Academy, we've grown our revenue by 300%."

SaaS Academy Program


@ Easy Board

"You get to a point in your growth journey where you've gotta make some decisions that if you want to grow your business, you need to invest in your business."

SaaS Academy Program


@ Gravity Legal

"We set a goal for ourselves of $45K MRR and it was a big goal and it took us till the last day of the year but we hit it. To a big degree. It's thanks to this focus and this strategic thinking that we get from SaaS Academy."

SaaS Academy Program


@ Albiware

"When we entered SaaS Academy, we were at about $30K of MRR. Now we're pushing $150K. So we had 5X growth in less than a year with SaaS Academy."

SaaS Academy Program


@ 8020rei

"Since joining SaaS Academy this year, we doubled our revenue."

Schedule a FREE SaaS Action Plan

A SaaS Scale Specialist will review your situation, identify the biggest roadblocks, and build a custom plan to get you to the next level of SaaS growth.

100% Free. A $899 Value.

If you’re a B2B SaaS Founder already over $10K MRR, then we invite you to schedule a Growth Session with our team of Scale Specialists. You’ll walk away from this complimentary call with a Growth Action Plan customized for your SaaS business.

100% Free. A $899 Value.

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