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Why do we do what we do? We want to impact as many people as possible. How? By helping B2B SaaS founders succeed – and then helping their teams impact the rest of the world!

We’ll know we’ve succeeded when:

• Founders aren’t stressed out.

• There’s no more 100-hour work weeks without direction on how to scale their software businesses.

At SaaS Academy, we act as advisors for these founders. Through our programs, we help them scale rapidly, improve business operations, and create a lifestyle that lights them up.

The best view comes from the hardest climb.

The best view comes from the hardest climb.

About the Founder, Dan Martell

Dan Martell is the founder and CEO of SaaS Academy, the world’s No. 1 coaching program for B2B SaaS founders. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, triathlete, investor, author, husband, and father.

Dan’s a 5x SaaS founder with three successful exits, including companies such as Clarity.fm, Spheric, and Flowtown. Since founding SaaS Academy, he’s coached 800+ B2B SaaS founders to scale with confidence. On average, his SaaS Academy students have increased their MRR by 209% within six months.

You can learn more about Dan, invite him to speak at your next event, or find out about his new book, Buy Back Your Time, by visiting his personal website.

Visit danmartell.com

What Drives Us

Our goal at SaaS Academy is to help 5,000 B2B SaaS founders grow their business beyond what they thought possible with massive impact that ripples out into the world through their team.

• No more 100-hour weeks

• No more directionless leadership inside your company

• No more living life stressed out

• No more second-guessing every decision

We want what you want … a thriving business and a successful exit!

Our core values drive and filter every decision.

1. Growth Mindset

2. Candid Communication

3. Machine Builders

4. Customer Backwards

5. Create Leaders

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Growth Accelerator is for B2B SaaS founders who want to increase their speed and trajectory while decreasing the risk of their growth.

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